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All the information you need to get started on your Freestyle journey. If you need help with anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us: use the chat feature, email us or submit the contact form, and we'll get straight back to you.

1. How do I get started?

Firstly, decide on your level. ​You don't have to compete in affiliated competitions but it is wise to conform to the compulsory (and prohibited) movements required by affiliated bodies such as British Dressage and Dressage Ireland as most competitions will follow these rules. 

2. Do I need a floorplan?

You can design your own plan or contact us to choreograph a bespoke floor plan for you and your horse, following a one to one consultation. Our qualified experts will make sure your floor plan not only highlights your strengths, but also conforms to the range of compulsory and prohibited movements. Depending on your level, you will need to take into account which size of arena you want. 20 x 40 is the most usual but the higher levels require a 20 x 60 arena floor plan. 

3. Can I approve my floor plan?

Of course! When you receive your floor plan, please ride it and time it with your horse to ensure it flows for you and that it conforms to the time requirements (which are quite strict). You will be penalised for going significantly over or under the time. 

4. What about adding the music?

Now comes the fun part! Get someone to film you riding your floor plan, as you would want to ride it at a competition. Whoever is filming should stand at C. Accuracy is key. This is the video our technical team will set your music to and therefore, you will need to recreate this in a competition environment. 

Send your video to us and we will have a one to one consultation about your musical preferences. Remember you will receive a significant portion of your marks for artistic impression so music choice will need to suit your horse. Don't worry, we have heaps of ideas!

5. What exactly is involved in the musical arrangement?

Our technical team have years of experience working in sound editing and post production and use professional, state of the art software. They will work out the beats per minute (BPM) of your horse's gaits, ensure all three pieces of music work in harmony, blend the three pieces of music through your transitions, accentuate your highlighted movements and design a striking lead in music to capture the judge's attention from the word go.

6. I've received my music. What happens next?

Firstly, watch your video with the music overlaid to check you're happy. Then we suggest you ride the test at home. We are always on hand to answer any queries. 

You also need to send off your sub-license agreement to British Dressage. We will provide all the paperwork to make this as easy as possible.

7. I'd like a new musical arrangement? Do I need a new floor plan? 

No, we can create a new musical arrangement based on your floor plan. In fact, riders find they love the idea of riding to new music and have a couple of arrangements in their repertoire. 

8. Do you cater for the higher levels?

Of course! Just fill in the 'get a quote' section on our 'shop' page and we'll get straight back to you. Rest assured, we pay as much attention to detail to a Novice arrangement as we do with a Prix St. George. We are passionate about every single arrangement we produce and it shows in our results.

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