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Results of the Spring Round of the Dare to Dance Academy Competition

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Congratulations! Results for the Spring round of our Dare to Dance Academy are here. Amazing to see competitors from all over work so hard to improve their scores...and of course, thank you to our hard working judges and coaches whose personalised training strategies made such an impact!

INTRODUCTORY LEVEL Katja Snell and Bobbi 72%

PRELIMINARY LEVEL Victoria Mccandless and Koolstyle 83% Kerri Owens and CB Charity Way 79.5% Ambroos Bakker and Aya 76.5%

NOVICE LEVEL Victoria Mccandless and Koolstyle 70.76% Desiree Brune and Calypso 69.5% Ambroos Bakker and Aya 68.9%

Keep an eye out for our Summer round of coaches coming soon! #DareToDance Book your package at

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