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Welcome to the Pegasus Dressage Music Blog!

Time to get personal! Here's the place to catch up on all the Pegasus news, hints and tips and share your own personal Freestyle journey.

Hi everyone!

My name's Anna and I am your customer liaison here at Pegasus Dressage Music. My job is to merge the knowledge of our equestrian experts with the technical know-how of our media team and, of course, to be your point of contact throughout the process.

Working with the Pegasus team has been a fabulous opportunity to learn from the experts and they have inspired me to begin my own Freestyle journey this year. I can't wait to share my experiences with you and I promise, when you've been bitten by the Freestyle bug, you will quickly become addicted!

In terms of my own background, I am a freelance equestrian journalist and the proud owner of two very different horses (a gentleman Friesian and a cheeky Connemara), currently riding both at Novice level and having heaps of fun along the way. I have never considered myself a total dressage diva so I am living proof that absolutely anyone can have a go at dressage to music. In fact, there is no substitute for working with someone who has been there themselves! And if there are any questions you have that I can't answer, I have a team of experts a phone call away.

I can't wait to share the Freestyle passion with you: I can honestly say I've never smiled so much as when I'm riding to music (even though I often have a big grin whilst careering over XC fences too!). You'll also find that your horse will absolutely love performing to music: there's nothing like a piece of music to put an extra spring in their step. My Friesian Ludo is also very quick at learning his show pieces so thankfully we never have any sat nav issues!

Anyway, really looking forward to meeting you and your horses. Follow us on Facebook for more motivation, chat and tips. See you there!

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