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Introducing Dare to Dance Coach: Alison Calvert

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

I'm Alison Calvert, I'm a UKCC British Dressage recognised coach and also a qualified youth coach. I'm a 3 times gold medallist on the England home team and have trained and competed my horses successfully to PSG level.

I have been competing for over 35 years and my methods are developed from training with both classical and modern coaches. I really love the combination of the classical foundations and new approaches; for me, that's what keeps my coaching innovative and effective.

I'm also a specialist NLP sports coach so can help with motivation, goal setting, confidence issues, self belief and reframing. We all ask ourselves the same questions as a rider: what are my goals? Am I good enough? What happens if I fail? Imagine a way of exploring these questions to help you become the rider you aspire to become. NLP provides a toolkit to enable you realise your dreams and ambitions. It’s exciting and it’s incredibly empowering.

One of the key principles that informs my coaching is that we never stop learning with dressage, regardless of your level. I train regularly with top coaches to not only improve my rider performance but also to keep my own coaching strategies fresh and current. Through correct and methodical training, I will equip you with the blueprint of the exercises necessary to progress through the levels, helping you develop the knowledge and understanding to be confident to train your own horses to the level you are striving for.

Wishing you all much success and looking forward to helping you on your dressage journeys!


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