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Dare to Dance Equestrian Spotlight, with Janie Rentz

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

We all have that one horse who occupy an extra special place in our hearts. We catch up with Dare to Dance coach Janie Rentz to find out a little bit about her Friesian mare Heaven.

Heaven F/T Friesian Connection (known as Heaven in the barn) is by the sire Mintse 384. She is a 10yr old pure bred Friesian mare. I bought her almost three years ago , and she is currently schooling third level and has shown second level at rated shows.

Heaven is only too aware of her beauty. She is a mare that absolutely loves prancing in front of anyone who will stop to admire her and when she is done working, you better have a treat for her, as she knows she has done some fabulous work!

She also enjoys hacking out and loves to enjoy the countryside here in Virginia. As far as my Friesian owner skills go, Heaven would want everyone to know that I need some help on my "girlie" skills for long hair! Thank goodness for Shapley's Magic sheen or literally her mane would be extremely short!!!!! She doesn't like her braid in all the time and when it comes out of the braid, she does her hair toss and smiles!

When not prancing and swishing her hair you can find Heaven in the water trough. Yes,

you read that correctly, she loves to cool off on a warm day by splashing away in her water trough! She literally is the most fun horse to have around and it would take a very special home for me to consider selling her. Until then we will continue prancing around and having fun training here at JL Training and Sales in Purcellville, Virginia.

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