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Catch up with Fiona Gerring, Pegasus Brand Ambassador and Irish Inter I National Champion

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

It's been a strange old year for everyone, with many equestrians feeling more than a little frustrated at cancelled competitions and delayed goals. However, a silver lining for many of us has been the the space to reflect on our riding achievements and, of course, focus on our training. Here at Pegasus, we are blessed with three fabulous Brand Ambassadors who check in with us regularly with updates, tips and advice. It was great to hear from Fiona Gerring about how she and her horses, Jumping Fox and Christus, are coping with lockdown in Ireland.

'Hi, So while everything has been in limbo land with Covid restrictions, I have been taking a bit of valuable time out with my horses to have some much needed chill time. The horses have been enjoying their days in the field, alongside my pet goats, and they certainly haven't been complaining about their holiday! It's definitely something I hear a lot from riders - feeling guilty that we are not doing enough with our horses but sometimes you (and the horses!) really benefit from a break.

We are now back in motion with the hope we will be dancing again soon! Along with Jumping Fox (my Inter I horse), I also have another dancing partner whom I hope to show off to you all soon. He has been a work in progress, as all horses are, but is a very talented boy (all 18 hands of him!) and I can't wait to get between the white boards to showcase all our hard work. As with all horses, there are no shortcuts and no easy fixes so I know many riders who have actually loved to spend a little extra lockdown time with their horses. It is certainly a great opportunity to revisit the basics or even take up something new you've never had the time to try before (like dressage to music!).

In the meantime, I just wanted to say to everyone to enjoy this quiet moment we have with our horses and listen to as much music as you can to get inspiration for your next dance. Listen to the beat of the music, lunge your horse and watch the foot fall - this will help you to match your music. Choosing your music is a big decision but I'm very much of the opinion that you should follow your heart. After all, your Freestyle arrangement should be a reflection of your riding partnership and I generally find that your horse will love your music because he can sense that you love your music! So don't feel you need to follow the herd or play it safe. As long as your music's tempo corresponds with your horse's foot fall, this is the synchronicity the judges are looking for. And that is an aspect that the Pegasus technical team are on hand to help with so basically you come up with the ideas and they will handle the technical side, which completely takes the pressure off and makes the whole creative process incredibly enjoyable.

Be brave and be bold with your music choices: go with what makes you smile and dance inside your body while riding. This will also make your body more relaxed and your aids softer, whilst giving you focus and a consistent rhythm to ride to. Your Freestyle arrangement should put a smile on your face so remember take your time and enjoy every moment.

Fingers crossed we will all be out with our dancing partners again soon. I will just leave you all now with a very special saying that’s close to my heart - Don’t Dream a Dream, Live Your Dreams.'

Take care,


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